Has your company experienced rapid growth and surpassed the capabilities of your current business systems? Are your internal processes not working efficiently? Do your managers not have important data right at their fingertips? If so, now is the time to embrace a new system and embark on a journey to deploy Workday.

At Invisors we understand that the prospect of changing to an entirely new system at once can seem overwhelming, that's why we are sharing all the benefits of a Workday Launch solution. Launch is a Workday deployment methodology that gets you live on Workday at an accelerated pace utilizing best practices. It allows you to start small, then grow and adapt your system alongside your business. 

Achieving a successful Launch project is akin to building a house. Below, we take you through the steps of building a “new home” for your business using Launch.


# 1 |   Identify What Type of House Suits Your Needs

Whether it is a 1-bedroom apartment or a 12-bedroom manor, Workday can house any type of business. Boutique firms can find their home in Workday equally as well as a large, multinational organization.

Workday can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Bi-annual updates keep the software constantly evolving, discovering new ways to better suit unique customer requirements. This is where partners like Invisors who understand the intricacies of the software can offer valuable support for companies like yours.


# 2 |      Pick Your Architect 

Now that you have identified what type of house you are building; the next step is to select an architect to help design your dream home. If you would benefit from a unique, tailored service from vastly experienced architects then Invisors may be the right choice for you.

At Invisors you will benefit from a personal, hands-on relationship with highly experienced architects that envision your ideal system based on your unique needs.


# 3 |    Build Your Foundation

The stability of every house is tied to the foundation. This is no different to your Launch deployment. Gathering data effectively, configuring future-proof and best practice processes allows you to go live rapidly with a simple setup that allows your system to be operational while the intricate personalization occurs in the background.

Our architects work closely with your key stakeholders to gather the essential data and information needed to set up a successful Launch deployment and our analysts use this to set up the solid foundation needed to get you live on the system as soon as possible without sacrificing quality.


# 4 |    Link Your Utilities

A house on its own is useful but having it connected to utilities allows running water, power and internet to make it optimized. With your Workday deployment although it can be fully utilized as a standalone system, integrating it with your wider systems landscape allows business processes to work seamlessly end to end. Invisors’ integration consultants design, build and test these integrations to and from your other systems ensuring data flows accurately and all systems are kept up to date and in sync.


# 5 |    Decorate 

The completion of your Workday Launch deployment is the beginning rather than the end of your journey. With solid foundations in place, Invisors will have helped you design and configure a system that is ready for use on day one. Most importantly, you and your team will have learned the skills to continue to develop and grow the system as your business expands.

You may wish to add functionality that was not critical for day one. You might decide to expand the footprint to replace other systems within your environment. Additionally, you can now take advantage of the bi-annual updates ensuring you have the latest functionality and enhancements that are delivered to all Workday customers.

Customized processes and dashboards make your system completely user friendly and thoughtful placement of your company branding throughout will ensure your culture and values flow for self-service and power users alike.


Working alongside our highly experienced architects and consultants, you can follow these 5 steps to ensure your Workday deployment leads you to your organization’s dream home.