6 Wishes Granted Thanks to Workday Financial Management

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It’s the end of the quarter and you’re working on closing the books, jumping through hurdles – some expected, some not – and you think to yourself 'what a wonderful world'. Then you snap out of that Louis Armstrong daydream and think 'there has to be a better way to do this'. Well there is, with Workday Financial Management.

Here are some of our favorite “I wish I never had to…” moments from our customers, solved by Workday Financial Management.

#1 |   Utilize an elimination company to consolidate my business

Workday's native elimination + consolidation functions make consolidated reporting a breeze. When layering in book codes, translation rule sets + multiple company hierarchies, Workday is a true one stop shop for all your consolidation needs.


#2 Stress over pulling reports for my auditors

Invisors delivers an auditor dashboard conveniently displaying reports our customers have provided their auditors. From segregation of duty reports to transaction data dumps, the Auditor Dashboard takes the worry out of audit season.


#3 Maintain depreciation, lease or prepaid schedules outside of my ERP

Workday's asset + prepaid functionality allows for multi-book reporting to cover all of your asset reporting needs. With the ability to roll in intangible + leased assets, Workday can support your asset functionality needs and Invisors meets your asset reporting needs.


#4 Reconcile a bank account offline

Workday's inbound bank statement integration hooks directly into first notice + reconciliation rules to drastically reduce the need for manual oversight in bank reconciliation. Invisors' integration library helps to simplify the process when integrating to your banks.


#5 Answer the question "was my expense report approved?"

Workday's delivered business process framework allows for end users to see exactly where an expense report is in the approval process + provides the ability to send an automated notification to your end user when an expense report is settled and sent to the bank.


#6 Overburden my accounts receivable team with cash application

Automatic customer payment application rules streamline cash application processes + minimize manual effort required for day-to-day posting and write-offs.

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